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The Internet has exploded and just about everybody in the world is now connected over the last 10 years. Along with the Internet has come a new phenomenon of social media. There is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked in, and either of the first, MySpace to name a few. Everyone has become addicted to telling the world about their personal life. Some of it would perhaps be exaggerated, some of it would perhaps be true and some of it’d be a lie, but still it is front and center for the world to see.

Don’t expect that getting out of debt will provide an easy process. Anything worth having takes time and dedication. Go on a debt diet. Lay out your finances as they’re and decide where you can cut back. Start buying generic foods in bulk. Understand your gas and electric bills. There are websites online that teach you how to interpret your statements and how to cut back. The utility companies will come to your home for free and tell you where you are wasting money. You can cut those bills in half if you are committed to getting out of debt.

Because of this phenomenon, crooks, cops, private investigators, debt collectors, and the IRS have a new source of information to learn personal information about people. Now, some potential employers will search the web to search for any discretions of a potential employee. This also works for debt collectors when they’re faced with a person who isn’t paying their bills. If they can get a person online, they might get a tidbit of information of when someone gets paid or if they had a new job, for example, to give them the upper hand when you attempt to collect on debts. People just do not realize the potential danger they’re putting themselves and their family in by sharing their life online.

Filing Bankruptcy Online – Seriously?

Many Americans are filing bankruptcy as a means of debt relief ever since the financial meltdown in 2008. Congress changed the bankruptcy code back in 2005 as a means to stop people who they believed was abusing the filing bankruptcy system. Now, when filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, an individual must qualify under a means test. It’s obvious, there was a great deal of abuse as many Americans were using bankruptcy filing to wipe their debts out and get it all over again. All this changed in 2008 as unemployment rates climbed upwards of 10%. Many Americans had no option but to file for bankruptcy to get the creditors off your back. There still is an item of people who’re dishonest and abuse bankruptcy. They need to be very cautious as they might find themselves in prison for fraud, for these people that believe that they can get away with it.

It has now become easy for the bankruptcy trustee to dig up information about someone filing bankruptcy with the growth of technology. The first and easiest source is to search for someone on a social media website. Many people do not even understand who might be reading this information. All it will take is an individual filing bankruptcy to post a few words about the great vacation they’re planning to take in Hawaii after the bankruptcy discharge. This does not sound very good to a bankruptcy trustee when the person just got here and cried poor. When filing bankruptcy people need to cool it online for a period of at least six months of the bankruptcy discharge to make sure no information could be misconstrued.

FAQ’s: how do i file bankruptcy online?
do it myself to save money

  • If you have brake problems, you could hire an auto mechanic to fix them, or you could ask strangers on the internet how to do it yourself. You might save money, or you might do it wrong and discover, too late, that you didn't fix the brakes right. Nearly all consumer bankruptcy attorneys offer free consultations. Take advantage of this to meet with one and get advice based on all of the details of your particular situation. You can find a referral at (National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys).

  • Locate and download all forms needed to file your bankruptcy. Online software is available to help you fill out your forms. If you prefer not to fill out the forms yourself, you can hire your lawyer or a paralegal to fill out these forms for you. 2 Prepare a list of all creditors that you owe money to. Find out where you need to file your forms. Each court requires a specific number of copies for filing bankruptcy; this is in addition to your making a petition to the court. It is important to make a list of everything you need to not delay the filing process. File online. Most courts allow this type of filing only through the Pacer Service Center by an attorney, and there is a fee for this service (see Resources for the link). However, this does not take the place of your signing your papers in person. 4 Prepare to present yourself. There is no way of getting around presenting yourself before the court. This meeting, called the 341-creditor meeting, is simply a meeting of all parties involved so that everyone has a clear understanding of what is happening. If you choose to do your bankruptcy alone, only you need appear; if you hire an attorney to represent you, he may accompany you, but ultimately you must still appear to state your case

  • It's not advisable to do it without an attorney. You should not file for bankruptcy unless you owe over $65,000 plus a huge stack of medical bills and if you're working you should file for Chapter 13 instead of Chapter 7 to repay at least in part what you owe. Instead of bankruptcy, and if you are employed and are behind on your payments, you should first try CredAbility (it's online and in your own city as well), make an appointment and see if they can help you. Pull all your information together in figures, who you owe, their phone, address, amount you owed and when and late charges and such so that the agent can see what they're working with. CredAbility is a free government program that consolidates your bills, and if your creditors agree then they can cut off some interest to make it easy on you to repay. I don't know that the bankruptcy court has anything online. If doing a chapter 13 and you have to go in front of a trustee then you would need an attorney sign for you. If you appear in court you should have an attorney appear with you. And if you have a car or a house you'd need to submit extra forms to the court. Bankruptcy will hurt your credit report and rating and stay on there 7 years but forever behind the scenes. And it would hurt you to get employment if you are dealing with money, and may hurt you if you rent an apartment.

  • You CAN'T file ANY legal action online, ATTEMPTING to file bankruptcy without an attorney will COST you several times what the attorney will charge. The laws are sufficiently complex that most attorneys can't even determine IF you can go though bankruptcy.

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