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The fall of part of the great American automakers has had a profound impact on many communities, as plant and dealership closings and lay-offs force many families into long unemployment lines. But the impact of the Chrysler and GM bankruptcies doesn’t stop there. If the current Chrysler bankruptcy plan is upheld and GM receives a similar plan, these companies’ bankruptcies could hurt many more Americans for years to come.

Chrysler’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy included a protection never included in a bankruptcy before: protection from future personal injury claims by consumers who bought Chrysler vehicles before the company entered bankruptcy. This means that all those who purchased a car from the company, before the bankruptcy and who later is injured or murdered by a defect in the vehicle won’t be able to sue the company for restitution for the injury or wrongful death.

It is even more unfair when examining the fact that court had other options available to protect consumers. The bankruptcy court could have established a victim compensation fund or other type of fund that could be used in order to pay out personal injury or wrongful death claims against the automakers, for example. A similar plan was employed in the asbestos cases when the liable companies went bankrupt.

If the court approves the plan, the company’s bondholders, led by foreign fixed-income funds, will become its owners.

Because these foreign funds never intended to own a controlling interest in a Brazilian petroleum company, they’ll probably try to sell the company quickly if it becomes profitable, Mr. Pires said.

The court also could have decided not to let the companies to skirt their responsibilities and made the new Chrysler and GM companies liable for any claims arising out of vehicles purchased before the bankruptcies. After all, both companies have agreed to uphold the warranties on cars purchased before the bankruptcies, so why not also guarantee the safety and craftsmanship of these vehicles? It seems counterintuitive that the automakers are willing to replace defective parts. However, they’ll not take responsibility for any damage caused by these same defective parts.

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At this point, it is not clear that a company can shield itself from liability for a future claim that may or may not happen. Some legal scholars and practicing attorneys are raising questions about whether it is a breach of a consumer’s due process rights for the court to take away a person’s future right to sue.

Consumer protection groups, including the Center for Auto Safety and Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety, plan to challenge the Chrysler bankruptcy judge’s opinion on appeal. Until then, consumers who thought they were helping out American automakers by buying their cars before they went into bankruptcy will be left with no legal protections, rights or safeguards should they be injured by a defectively built or designed GM or Chrysler vehicle.

QUESTION: question about company bankruptcy?
what are the risks of working for a company that has filed for bankruptcy in the past, say 2009?

  • A company which has filed for bankruptcy, will not be in a position to pay its existing liabilities. Possibly the company would have stopped its operations. Unable to pay the dues, would have been facing legal actions. Non payment of tax arrears and other amounts dur to the Government such as Provident fund dues, Employees state insurance etc. will be viewed seriously attracting fines and penalties. You may have work without getting your salary paid for long time allowing it to get accumulated. Ultimately you may have to lose both your job and the arrears of salary.

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