Real World Forms For Filing Bankruptcy

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I am going to think that you’re seeking a bankruptcy lawyer because you have already exhausted all other possibilities to avoid filing bankruptcy. If you haven’t yet done that, I would strongly urge you to thoroughly investigate all other options and alternatives, since bankruptcy should be considered only as your very last resort. A filing of bankruptcy will remain on your credit report for 7 to 10 years, and it will be an important red flag any time you are claiming credit or a loan in the future, as well as having the option of you not getting a new job based on a credit report run on you.

Leo D. Wees is not a lawyer, but for $150 he used to help people in Boise, Idaho, fill out the forms to file for bankruptcy. Those who turned to Mr. Wees were by definition poor, but they considered his fee a bargain compared with what lawyers might have charged, and they were satisfied with his work. Judge Myers nonetheless fined Mr. Wees $1,000 for misleading customers into believing they were receiving legal advice and ordered him not to charge more …

DETROIT — It is hard to picture a city in worse financial shape than Detroit, where decades of mismanagement and misfortune led to the nation’s largest municipal bankruptcy filing. But while the city’s filing in July unmasked its fiscal problems, it also raised thorny legal issues that threaten to derail the bankruptcy case before it gets started. At issue are whether Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan had the authority to force Detroit into Chapter 9, and whether his decision violated the …

QUESTION: Will filing bankruptcy change the way I file taxes?
Since I filed bankruptcy, will It be best for me to file short form as I did before or is it better for me to have a tax preperation company file long form? I'm not sure if filing long form is beneficial. We have one child as a dependant.

  • Filing for bankruptcy won't change the way you file for taxes. However, if you own a home, have retirement account(s), and/or get alimony and child support, you will have to use the long form. Since there are new tax law(s) you might want to have some prepare your long form.

  • it shouldnt

  • No, it won't.

  • Not at all. Taxes are forever.

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