Personal Bankruptcy Attorney

Many people facing financial distress consider filing bankruptcy. Many also think they’ll try to do it themselves to save a few bucks.

The truth is that finding a qualified, experienced personal bankruptcy attorney can make a huge difference in the final outcome of your situation, and the future ahead. It’s important that you find the right attorney for your situation. At this time in your life you are probably down on your self-confidence, but it’s important you find someone you can relate to. Yes, someone you like. Here’s a warning flag. If you book a free consultation and you are shuffled off to an assistant or junior staffer that’s not a good sign. If your personal attorney won’t sit down to meet you on your initial appointment they might be just as hard to reach when you really need them. Beware! It’s okay to interview quite a few attorneys. Find one who is experienced in bankruptcy procedures and has some actual courtroom experience. And, is it someone you can trust to ‘not drop the ball’ and get you through this very trying time in your life.

Most reputable bankruptcy attorney’s will give you a free consultation. Ask a lot of questions, make sure you are getting this persons undivided attention. Don’t waste their time, but if they are offering a free consult, take them up on it. Ask tough questions.

There is a very small chance your bankruptcy case will go into a heated court battle, but if it does, do you have someone you’ll feel confident fighting your battle on your behalf. If not, make another appointment and consult another personal bankruptcy attorney. Make sure you discuss expectations, availability, schedules, timelines. Ask for assurance, recommendations from past clients and even check for complaints at the State’s Attorney office.

 So How Do You Pay This Attorney?

Many times the payment will come from the disbursement of your assets. If you have no assets you will probably have to work out a payment plan. Don’t choose a personal bankruptcy attorney just because they have the cheapest price. You generally get what you pay for. Most of these type of attorneys understand your situation and can workout a reasonable payment schedule (or, like I stated previously, take their compensation from your assets). You don’t want the bargain basement bankrupt attorney, but unless you have a fortune in assets you probably don’t need the high priced Beverly Hills movie star attorney either. Judge your situation and find the lawyer based on your needs, not theirs!

It’s only smart to interview a handful of attorneys before you pick one. This choice will have a huge impact on your daily life while you go through this process. You want the threatening phone calls at home and work to stop, your attorney can make that happen. You shouldn’t have to constantly call and remind them to do what they say they will do. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for personal recommendations, but do your own due dillegence as well.

bankruptcyattorneyconsultationsAnother way to find a highly respected, experienced personal bankruptcy attorney is to call a large firm at quite a distance from you. Talk to someone there and see if they can recommend someone in your area. The big city firms usually have a contact in most areas, this can be a great way to find out who’s standing at the top of the pile.

Please remember my top tip for choosing your personal bankruptcy attorney. Make sure that when you interview them you actually LIKE them.

Do you trust them?

Do they get YOU?

Do you think you would go into battle with this person and they’d have your back.

If not, keep looking!

Good luck