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The thought of filing bankruptcy may seem dreadful; however, if you’re reading this article you may rest in a situation where bankruptcy is the only economically viable option. Do not feel ashamed. Bankruptcy has been around for hundreds of years and was created for a reason. Filing bankruptcy is a prospect any person can, by virtue of prevailing circumstances and fiscal decisions, may find themselves in. The truth is that the harm done to your credit isn’t permanent. You will bounce back and an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you in not only filing but in rebuilding credit. You may realize that you should have filed months or even years ago by hiring someone with experience in bankruptcy. A bankruptcy attorney is the crucial cog in a successful filing.

The following tips will help you choose the best bankruptcy lawyer to guide you while filing for bankruptcy. First, you need to obtain an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Experience is crucial as it gives the lawyer the time to work in collaboration with numerous complex cases. This will then enable to avoid any potential pitfalls such as the disappearance of assets. An experienced attorney will know which chapter of bankruptcy is the most suitable in your situation and can clearly explain the outcomes. The attorney will identify potential issues and will know how to deal with them in a timely fashion.

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Another important quality of a bankruptcy lawyer to consider is their reputation. This is important because the standing of the lawyer determines how creditors, the court of justice and the trustee will handle your case. A bankruptcy attorney of good repute is important as it demonstrates the quality of services you’ll receive from the house. It is thus important that you get recommendations from people who’ve state in the same situation and made it out successfully.

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The next thing you should consider is the approach of the lawyer. While many attorneys offer counsel on a series of legal subjects, when it comes to bankruptcy, you need someone who dedicates much of their practice in this area not someone who practices bankruptcy on the side. It is a wide field with several complications and you’ll need a person who is well versed with the various complications, requirements and aspects bankruptcy law and procedure. You should ensure the attorney you’re working with is registered with the American Institute of Bankruptcy or is a fellow of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy.

Make sure the attorney is a bankruptcy specialist because attorneys who’re handling different legal matters such as bankruptcy, crime and other sections may not have maximum exposure and knowledge regarding the bankruptcy laws.

Question about attorney fees and bankruptcy?
I am filing bankruptcy on Wednesday I see an attorney/ I've heard that most of them will do payment plans. My question is, About how much will I need to put down to retain services with a bankruptcy attorney? If anyone has ever filed and been in this situation I'd really appreciate some info. Thanks!

  • It absolutely depends on the attorney. Most attorneys I know will not file a personal bankruptcy until their fees are paid in full.

  • Bankruptcy attorney who has a successful winning ratio will have a strong reputation among the people. So, ask your friends and co-workers about bankruptcy attorneys or visit discussion forums to look through people’s comments.

    This article explains how a bankruptcy attorney might advise his or her client to file for bankruptcy. It also gives some options other than filing for bankruptcy.

    An experienced bankruptcy attorney who has better understanding about the bankruptcy law in your community can help you to solve the debt issues. So, make sure he has up-to-date information about local laws and legal proceedings.

    Lastly, when selecting a bankruptcy attorney, you should consider their ability to describe how the law and procedures apply to your financial situation. You can judge this when you’re the initial consultation. Ask questions if you don’t understand. Avoid anyone who charges an initial consultation fee or charges by the hour. Most attorneys offer a free initial consultation and charge a reasonable flat rate fee for full representation. A good lawyer will ensure you have a quick and successful fresh start without any added stress.


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