Opinions And Ideas About Bankruptcy Fresh Start

Jan 28th, 2014 | By | Category: Legal

Have you gotten to a place in your financial life that you’re considering filing bankruptcy? If your home at risk of going into foreclosure? Do you have so many debts that your current income just cannot handle them all? If so, then you should consider taking out a fresh start loan that can help you take your finances back on the right track and help you avoid bankruptcy or foreclosure.

Tom is considering filing for bankruptcy. Depending on Tom’s entire financial picture, Tom has a few options which he can pursue…one of which may be filing for bankruptcy in hopes of getting a new start…

The economy has taken some pretty rough turns lately. Many individuals have experienced the weight of high prices on necessities such as groceries and utilities while possibly suffering from layoff or a decrease in the amount of hours that they’re right to work due to many companies going bankrupt themselves or starting to outsource labor overseas to cut costs. Never in history has it cost so much just to buy things that every family must have. People have less and less money to spend which causes mounds of debt to form. You can use a fresh start loan to help take you out of your horrible financial situation in no time.

A fresh start loan is a loan that encompasses every debt that you owe. Your fresh start loan servicer will pay off your current lenders while enabling you to make one payment to them each month. You will be in a position to keep more of your regular monthly income in your pocket and out of the reach of your current lenders with just one payment covering all of your debts. The fresh start loan will enable you to live a higher quality of life without skimping buy on the typically meager income that is left after you pay lenders and creditors each month.

Your fresh start loan is usually guaranteed by the equity you’ve got in your home. This type of fresh start loan is called a secured fresh start loan. It is the easiest type to obtain for all borrowers. Your fresh start lender would place a lien upon your home until your fresh start loan is paid off. This is a relatively simple procedure. By pledging collateral for your fresh start loan, you stand more chance of being approved, will get a lower interest rate, and he’ll be offered a fresh start loan with lower monthly payments that are easy to manage.

There is likewise an unsecured fresh start loan, for those borrowers who don’t wish to risk the equity that they have in their home or don’t own a home. The interest rate will be higher, as will the monthly payment amount for your unsecured fresh start loan, and you’ll be necessary to repay the lender in a shorter period of time. However, even the unsecured version of the fresh start loan allows you to avoid bankruptcy and other negative effects, and will free up a number of your monthly income for other purposes.

You can find both the secured and unsecured fresh start loan products that you need by using an online lender. Lenders who do business on the Internet typically approve a larger number of borrowers for fresh start loans than traditional banks and credit unions.


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