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Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be very confusing. If you don’t supply all of the proper documentation in a timely manner, you take the risk of your case being dismissed. Since you’re seeking a way to be in a position to catch up on your delinquent payments, you’ll want to make certain that you understand each step of the process. This is where a chapter 13 attorney can help you. Your lawyer will make sure that you did everything correctly and that you understand exactly what you’re supposed to do in order for your petition to be approved.

When it comes to filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it is indispensable for you to know what is expected of you so that your petition is successful. Chapter 13 can offer you much needed relief from being harassed by debt collectors and creditors. Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a little different than Chapter 7. If you decide to file for Chapter 13, you’ll have the opportunity to pay back all of your debts on a payment plan. You don’t have to surrender or lose any of your assets in the process. Many times when someone opts to file for bankruptcy, they’re trying to avoid being responsible for their debt. This will cause their credit score to suffer. But with Chapter 13, when you’re finished paying everything off, your credit won’t suffer as much.

If you’re behind on your car note and mortgage and you don’t want to lose them due to foreclosure and repossession, than you wish to file for Chapter 13. First, you’ll want to get a Chapter 13 attorney to guide you through the process. A chapter 13 attorney can assist you in several ways. They can negotiate lower installment payments so that you’re able to become more comfortable while you’re catching up on your delinquent payments.

A Parade Of Chapter 13 Attorney Information

Getting all of the literature and paperwork that the bankruptcy courts require can be time consuming and make you wish to pull out your hair in frustration. This may become the first time you see and hear the language associated with filing for bankruptcy. You do not want to waste a great deal of time trying to learn everything on your own because there are deadlines that must be adhered too. This is where your chapter 13 attorney can step in and do all of the work for you. All you got to do is provide them with any supporting documents that are being requested and they’ll do everything else. Have an attorney can really speed up your bankruptcy case and get it resolved in your favor.

While filing the bankruptcy case, you also need to be aware that you’re not eligible to file it any more if you’ve done so in the past few years. In that case, your current income can be evaluated once again and it is shown that you’re able to pay off your debts with your current income, then you can certainly file you case under Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and you can have the best legal assistance from the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney. This attorney is more conscious about finding the best remedies for you to solve your financial needs without causing severe taxation or financial burden for you at any time of time.

Many of you are living in houses that once were worth a lot of money and made you look rich. Now the source of your wealth has dropped as much as 50%. Today I am going to share with you the moves Elena and I made to cure underwater mortgage situations without walking away from our home or rental property. I am going to discuss moves that will affect your credit in a negative way or send you to bankruptcy court. …

You can move on with your life and feel relieved that you didn’t have to lose none of your property or assets while you getting caught up with your financial situation.

FAQ’s: Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?
If u filed and it was dismissed if you want to re-file to you have to file a chapter 7? I was told this by attorney not sure he is telling the truth. Chapter 7 is more money up front for the attorney.

  • Why anyone would want to file chapter 13 is beyond me. Credit wise any bankruptcy looks just as bad so why not file chapter 7 if you qualify and just walk away. I did 6-years ago and have great credit now over 740 score. Creditors knocking down my doors wanting to give me credit.

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