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Sometimes bankruptcy is indeed the best path to take after looking at your options. But this should only come as a measure of last resort, simply because it’s the most drastic option with long term negative effect on you. If that’s your best option right now, however, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world for you. Many people have become successful again after filing bankruptcy. However, it was most probably not easy for them. They had to overcome many challenges to get to where they are. Never lose hope, even if you’re have to declare bankruptcy.

The UK is at risk of bankruptcy tourism as indebted people turn to Britain to take advantage of its leniency, an insolvency expert claims. The practice, termed ‘forum shopping’, involves potential bankrupts from other European countries setting up a temporary address in Britain and filing for bankruptcy here, where they may be debt-free after only one year. The UK’s leniency is highlighted by comparison to the penalty period in Germany of seven years and in Ireland of 12 years. EU rules …

A DECADE ago, in a widely praised analysis of bankruptcy filings, three scholars destroyed the myth that most of those seeking refuge from creditors were blue-collar workers. People in every occupation go bankrupt in rough proportion to their numbers, they found. Now, in ‘The Fragile Middle Class’ (Yale University Press, 2000), the same three writers — Elizabeth Warren, Teresa A. Sullivan and Jay Lawrence Westbrook — have refined their research and shown that behind most bankruptcy filings lies misfortune, not profligate …

QUESTION: does anyone know a free bankruptcy lawyer?

  • Well, think about that for a moment. Everybody who files bankruptcy is broke. Otherwise they wouldn't be filing bankruptcy. If bankruptcy attorneys didn't charge their clients because the clients are all broke, then there wouldn't be any bankruptcy attorneys because they would all have to go get other jobs because they would be making $0 from being bankruptcy attorneys. That wouldn't make any sense either. If you really, truly have absolutely $0 income and $0 assets, then you probably don't need to file bankruptcy. You are what is considered "judgment proof" (i.e., even if your creditors sue you, there is nothing they can get from you). In general (and this is VERY generally speaking) you only need to file bankruptcy if you have something you need to protect, such as an income (that you need to use for necessities such as food, etc. rather than paying off unrepayable debts). Most bankruptcy attorneys offer a free first appointment. Among other things, they can help you figure out whether you actually need to file bankruptcy or not (if not, save your money). If you do need to file bankruptcy, the attorney should be able to help you figure out how to pay for it — being broke when you need to file bankruptcy is a problem that bankruptcy attorneys are VERY familiar with (it is true of virtually all their clients). The court never pays the attorney fees, but sometimes you can get the filing fees waived.

  • I would contact a BK lawyer close to you and explain your circumstance. He can then direct you to someone who can help you or he himself might be able to help you. In some instances, the lawyer can petition the court to compensate him for his time in assisting you in your case. This is not overly common is an option the court will consider.

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