Elements Of Free Bankruptcy Advice

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Investing is all fun and games until someone goes broke. One hard reality which ever investor has to reconcile with is that you’re not always going to gain. In a matter of six months, with bad decisions, a stock portfolio can be completely destroyed. Leaving the investor with no cash flow and no means to pay bills. There are very little options for investors who’ve had some bad luck other than to file bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is a process in which a person who is in debt can seek relief from that debt from the government. It can be a viable alternative to an investor debt relief but certainly shouldn’t be the first choice.

It is up to the court (usually a county court) to decide whether or not you can go bankrupt or be made bankrupt. You can apply to the court yourself, or someone you owe more than £750 to, can apply. The court will give an official receiver or an insolvency practitioner responsibility for administering your bankruptcy (the trustee). You have to give that person information about everything you own, what you owe and any money you have coming in. You’ll have …

QUESTION: How can I file for bankruptcy if I am almost completely broke?
I need bankruptcy advice, but how do I get information on bankruptcy from a lawyer if I don't have any money to pay for one? Are there lawyers that give free bankruptcy consultations?

  • You CAN get a free consultation over the phone (or in person) from an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in your area. No obligation – just go to the website below and fill out the one page form and an attorney will call you within a day or two. Good luck and best wishes >>> http://rds.yahoo.com/**http%3a//cli.gs/free-consult

  • Visit www.findlaw.com. They can give u a free consultation.

  • Many reputable consumer bankruptcy lawyers offer a free, no-obligation consultation in the office or on the phone. Though others do charge for their time, you will find that the money is well spent as you will get all of your questions answered definitively and intelligently.

  • You can get good advice without paying. Different lawyers have different policies about that. I don't recommend trying to get advice on the phone. You need more and better information than most lawyers are willing to give you on the phone. Do a search for bankruptcy lawyers, call a few and set up an appointment with one who will see you at no charge. Run, don't walk, if you do not get to speak to the attorney at the appointment, and / or if you feel like you're at a used car lot in Tijuana getting lots of pressure. I am a bankruptcy lawyer myself. Here's my site. You may find something helpful. Good luck! http://www.bankruptcy-sandiego.com/bankruptcy-faqs.htm

  • Free Bankruptcy Advice, are you kidding?

    Filing for bankruptcy can be an emotional and trying time for anyone involved in particular with the negative connotation that is often linked to those who file for bankruptcy. However, there are times that filing is the right thing for a person. In this article I will go over some tips and tricks about filing for bankruptcy and help you with deciding if you should consult a lawyer to file for bankruptcy. As one that has gone through bankruptcy personally, seeing my mom go through two versions, and my best friend I have run into the process quite a few times therefore I feel I can give some advice on the action to know and what can be a good thing if one is considering bankruptcy.
    It’s entirely justifiable, and lawyers are only too happy to oblige, billing clients for every minute worked, and then some. Like all consultants, some lawyers find questionable ways to squeeze money out of clients. Some are legal, some aren’t, but all will make a CFO’s blood boil. So review those invoices, make sure you know billing rates, and kindly remind Dewy, Cheatem and How LLP, that summer associates don’t need to stay in VIP suites at the Four Seasons. Billing two …


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