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The easiest of all things to offer to the other people is an advice. It comes free of cost and the majority of the times it is uncalled-for. Where we do well to turn away from such unsolicited advice, there is one advice we keep our ears open to and that is bankruptcy advice. People are all ears to such an advice that is the key to counter the evil of bankruptcy. People are rather keen to assimilate all they can hear and make the best use of the advice given to them for unforeseen hard times.

People who’re filing for bankruptcy to dispose of the pre-existing debts may not give heed to the advice received by you at that time. It may likewise not be the right time to give you advice on bankruptcy. But, you should be confident, for the advice you give them would be useful to them in one form or the other.

This accounts for the significance of the bankruptcy advice provided to the people. The question to reflect upon is, what exactly would you like to do to your colleague or your friend? People aren’t sporting to the advice on bankruptcy. And, they have all the right to take action in such a manner as filing for bankruptcy means that they’re going to provide a huge blow to their credit scores for a considerable time to come. The first thing to tell these people is that their thought on these lines is a myth. The next advice to give them is the way to arrange their papers for filing.

Fun With Advice On Bankruptcy

The process of filing for bankruptcy involves disclosing all the papers in relation to your liabilities and assets before the law. You have to be very precise and particular to include everything while filing your papers as a mismatch can lead to a mess. Next, you tell them the tips to deal with their creditors. This is dependent on the provision in which the individual is filing for bankruptcy. There are various chapters whereby the individual filing for bankruptcy may obtain a clear chit from his creditors. The assets of the individual get liquidated completely thus, giving no right whatsoever to the creditors to claim their debt. On the other hand, if the filing is done under some specific provision, the creditors have a right to part payment by the individual.

Bankruptcy shouldn’t be taken as the Judgement Day for the individual filing for bankruptcy. It simply means a stop to the past that had tons of anomalies per se the financial lives of the individual. He has been given a chance to start his life on a fresh note.

Individual petitioners can file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy or Chapter 7 bankruptcy under the US Bankruptcy Code. Your lawyer in St. Petersburg FL will help you choose which one applies to you.

There are several ways to get rid of debts for the debtor. The foremost is the debt consolidation loan which gives the debtor the peace of mind along with getting rid of his existing loans. This is the best debt help that can be paid to the debtor without putting extra burden on his shoulders.

QUESTION: Bankruptcy?
How can you file for bankruptcy on your own? I don't have $1500 to pay a bankruptcy lawyer unfortunatly though I wish I had. How do I do it on my own? Anyone with some advice?

  • Go to and type in the search box bankruptcy forms. It will give you a page that lists all the available bankruptcy forms. You will need different forms for the state that you live in, but the basic forms are the same. If you are filing chapter 7, you will need the following basic forms: Schedules A-J Summary of Schedules Exhibit D 3 Page Voluntary Petition Declaration Concerning Schedules Statement of Financial Affairs Statement of Intent Varification of Creditor Matrix Creditor Matrix Cover Sheet Form 22A Means Test There are probably a couple more forms that you may need to file. If you are low income, you can file a form to request the judge allow you to pay the filing fee in installments or you can file a waiver for the filing fee. The standard filing fee is $299.00, though this depends on the state in which you live. These forms are very difficult to fill out on your own. Unfortunately, no lawyers will give you advice on how to fill out the forms either. If you have questions, you can call your Federal Courthouse and speak to someone in the Bankruptcy department, and maybe they will answer your questions, but most people aren't that helpfull. You need to make sure all forms are filled out completely and pay close attention to what you put on the form. If you need some help with the forms, I can give you some advise, though it isn't legal advice (I am not a lawyer, but I filed without an attorney myself). PLEASE do your research, and read the Bankruptcy Code. You have to state the case law that allows you exemptions on Schedule C. Good Luck. You can email me at

  • please check out this forum.. it has helped me .. there us akot of info there and waht to do on your own

  • make payment til its paid. then your attorney can go ahead and file. You should have about, what ?3 months to pay it. before you can file.

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