California Going Bankrupt?

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The world of medical aid has two faces. One is that of a benevolent healer who cures a person of all ills and gives him a fresh lease of life. Another is that of a malevolent creature who squeezes the last penny out of the poor patient’s pocket by means of medical bills and leaves him bankrupt. The irony of the position is that both its faces are real. Its divine face cannot survive without its devilish better half.

Unluckily, it could take years to complete sales of these sites. That means that it would do nothing for the pressing problems the fiscal deficit is causing. The other problem with the sale of the real estate is the downturn in the Californian real estate market.

One of the manner in which the malevolence of its devilish face can be minimized is by having medical insurance. A proper health insurance cover will settle every medical bill of a person, big or small, so that he’ll see only the holy face of medical help. Every state does its best efforts to make this a possibility by providing affordable health insurance cover to its people. California Health Insurance rates are comparatively quite good because the state regulates the operations of the insurance companies to help ensure that people are in a position to access good California Health Insurance Quotes.

More Thoughts About California Going Bankrupt

Some of the provisions relating to California Health Insurance make it easier for people of California to have California Health Insurance. One example is the gap between what is known as Federal COBRA and Cal-COBRA that is applicable in California. Federal COBRA is a law of the federal government regarding health coverage for a group of twenty or more employees. The law allows the insured to maintain the plan even on the end of the job that provided them the cover. They will are required to pay the premium themselves. However, they can have it for another 18 months.

Under the California provisions of COBRA, the coverage is available for smaller groups of employees, and they can have it up to 36 months. Details of these provisions will be available when you search for California Health Insurance Quotes. COBRA is the acronym for Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act. Though its premium is higher than group plans, it still works out cheaper than California Health Insurance for individuals. The differences can be correctly compared by going through all California Health Insurance Quotes.

Michael Tubbs, a Democrat, who launched his campaign while still a student at Stanford, becomes one of the youngest elected officials in the nation after trouncing his Republican rival to win the race for District Six of Stockton, in northern California. His campaign was financed by Oprah Winfrey, who has officially endorsed just two other politicians in her career: Barack Obama and Cory Booker, the high-profile Mayor of Newark in New Jersey. He also enjoyed the support of rapper MC Hammer. …

California state law also is in keeping with the federal law of HIPPA or Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This law allows people, who’ve lost their employer sponsored health coverage, to buy California Health Insurance, even though they have a pre-existing medical condition. CHIRA, or California Health Insurance Reliability Act, of 2005 was aimed at providing good California Health Insurance based on residency and not based on employment. The law aimed at consolidating many California Health Insurance plans into one comprehensive plan. The plan was aimed to become workable by reducing administrative costs.

The laws of California have been, in short, quite helpful in providing its people with affordable California Health Insurance. You will be able to figure out how to take the best advantage outside of the provisions of these acts by comparing the available California Health Insurance Quotes.

QUESTION: Is California going bankrupt?
I live in California, and it seems like California spending left and right. Do you think California will go bankrupt? I think its kinda funny how California is a very liberal state, and is in such a bad debt.

  • No, California is doing quite well, compared to the other 49 states. Three years ago, when that idiot Arnold was in office, California's finances were in terrible shape, and a bankruptcy was a very real possibility. Now, with Jerry Brown in office, they have worked through it, and the state is further along the recovery path than Congress or any of the other states.

  • They have to cut spending to the bone When that happens people will riot California is broke

  • @ neil You mean they will riot again? California is broke because communism destroyed it's economy. I heard a lot of the leftists in California moved to Colorado. It's like a plague.

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