Bankruptcy Legal Attorney

Apr 25th, 2014 | By | Category: Debt

Hopefully all of us can maintain our good credit ratings and will never need an attorney for this issue. However, things do happen. Recently, I purchased a Prepaid legal service, and I wanted to investigate which services for credit issues the prepaid legal service covered. A few are listed here.

Filing bankruptcy. The attorney can tell you the gap between the three chapters of bankruptcy and help in filing the paperwork. However, sometimes the actual court appearances of the attorney aren’t covered. It depends on your prepaid service what is covered.

The Statewide Legal services network is always looking for support. Attorneys, mentors, and legal aids volunteer their time for pro-bono work, and normally their insurance is targeted by the state if they opt to follow a case.

You receive a letter from a creditor and it isn’t your debt. Last week, my 14 year old received a letter stating she owed for her father’s treatment. I called and advised that I had a prepaid attorney and they were sending a bill aimed at the wrong person, the child. They quickly went into the computer and changed the information. If the issue hadn’t been resolved, I had an attorney who could handle it.

Your mortgage company wants to foreclose on your house. An attorney can contact them and establish an agreement for payment, as far as it is reasonable.

Your bank sends a foreclosure notice after provisions have been made. This again is an issue where your prepaid legal attorney merely needs to send out a letter. This usually will stop these types of threats.

It is nice to learn that the services of a prepaid attorney are there if you require them to handle credit problems. We never know when we might find ourselves in one of the following situations. If you do, you now know where to turn for help.


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