Aspects Of Company Going Bankrupt

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That is the question asked by many entrepreneurs and it is also the major obstacle to the development of venture capital investments. Entrepreneurs consider the dilemma that arises because of the arrival of another person to the partnership. In all cases though the venture capitalist remains a stockholder, it doesn’t replace the manager.

There are strict regulations on the minimum capital requirements, funds, accounts and the administration of the companies.

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The investments of a venture capitalist aren’t reduced to just one company. He or she may have shares in ten of them. For this reason, being a manager isn’t an option. However, they become involved in the decision making process and will enjoy access to the financial statements of the company.


A venture capitalist has many investments and will have participation in more than one company. It shouldn’t be a source of concern. Even though some companies may look more promising than other, a venture capitalist prefers to hold profit from all of them rather than only the most profitable one.

QUESTION: what happens if the company i work for goes bankrupt illegal (unlawfull)?
what happens if the company i work for goes bankrupt illegal (unlawfull) i used to work for a company, and this company fired me on my day off , the reason i got fired is because I could not go i was out off the city so i have take the company to the court , the court decision was that the company has to pay me £22.000 After the decision the company bankrupt because the owner didn't want to pay me the money , i have find out the way the company bankrupt the company has filed for an IVA – he is in financial difficulty and has applied for the protection of the court to pay off the debts on a reduced basis so the owner of this company take out of the shop most of his products so he can bankrupt after 2 days he take all the products back in to the shop and put the company on his wife name! please help any suggestions

  • A Company does not go Bankrupt – it goes into Liquidation. Now the question is was it a Company or a sole trader??? If the business was in the personal name of the owner – you can make him personally bankrupt. That will make him pay up. If the company is in Liquidation and you have a claim – then he can't take the goods for himself without paying the market price for them to the Liquidator and that money will have to be paid to you. Do some proper research as to who owned the business.

  • Sorry your Judgement is now vacated. Gone, not collectible.

  • Nothing can be done about new shop in wife's name but presuming you originally claimed through the employment tribunal and won your case and he did not pay then you now contact the redundancy payment office and get an RP1 for and claim your money through the government, you might not get all of what was awarded like holiday pay etc but you will get basic redundancy, RP1 is Redundancy Payment, it takes around 5 weeks to process, Good Luck

  • A venture capitalist knows that from a portfolio of ten companies in the course of which he or she invests only a minority will experience a return on capital sufficient to give the overall portfolio performance.

    The first possibility is that the entrepreneur purchases the shares and takes full scrutiny of the company. But if the firm has grown significantly, it is hard for the owner to raise the funds necessary to do so.

    The owner has three choices: selling the shares in the award, or to another investor, or to another company. The last two choices are more long-term and it may involve shifts in the power structure based on the participation.


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