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John Boehner is a member of an all male country club. He just does not understand the real America. In the real America country clubs are open to all and don’t discriminate on sex, religion, or race. In John Boehner’s America, elitism rules and rich men do not care about equal rights for women. Women will be rushing out in droves to vote against Boehner on November 2, 2010.

John Boehner is a corporate shill. He fights for big business and could care less about the people of America. He tried to halt development of the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection. He prefers to leave the big corporations and Wall Street screw over Americans.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many more issues as pertaining to medical care in America.

America Going Bankrupt Conundrum

Boehner wants to raise the minimum age to get Social Security or to stop the program completely. This heartless idea shows that he doesn’t care about the people in the real America. Most elders rely on Social Security as a safety net to ensure they have adequate money to live. And yet Boehner doesn’t care about their safety. He wants to attempt to save money by stepping on the backs of older people of America.

Boehner also wants to repeal HCR. He is against healthcare reform. This is one example of how John Boehner doesn’t understand the people of America. He is clueless about how families are going bankrupt due to medical bills that are far above what the insurance covers. He does not care that due to pre-existing conditions that before HCR many Americans couldn’t even get health insurance. John Boehner wants you to struggle if you have a serious illness like cancer. He doesn’t care that it may wipe out your savings and may result in you to lose your health insurance policy if HCR is repealed.

Rick Sanchez was part of a handful of CNN reporters tweeting to the world in the summit (@ricksanchezcnn). He said’ A Harvard study shows 45, 000 Americans die yearly because they have no health insurance, that’s 1, 000 people per week. In 2008, about 750, 000 bankruptcies were filed. ‘ It’s pretty sad that Americans cannot afford their health insurance. Children are not even guaranteed insurance. This is just one of the issues I am going to address below.

Get out and vote in Ohio. Kick John Boehner out. He is a shame to America. He is making a laughingstock of the rule of Ohio.


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